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By 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years old will nearly double, to an estimated 22%. It is essential to consider what medical care and treatment may be needed for you or a loved one as they age. So, what are the options?

Moving to a nursing home is not for everyone. And thankfully, it doesn’t have to be anymore, as there are different services available to meet all needs. One of these services is private duty nursing.

Private duty nursing offers the same level of care a person would receive in a specialist nursing facility or hospital but in the comfort of their own home. While private registered nurses work with all ages, some specialize in elderly care.

Are you interested in learning more about this in-home care option for you or a loved one? Here are the top five benefits of having private duty nursing for the elderly.

1. Personal Needs Are Met

Private duty nurses are registered nurses who ensure all client needs are met, including personal care. There is peace of mind that the client is in the best hands, with their personal needs met. Personal needs include:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Nutritional management
  • Mobility needs

If personal needs are not met, it can be challenging for the individual to maintain adequate well-being. Private duty nurses can provide services such as meal preparation, mobility assistance, and hygiene. They ensure the individual remains safe in their home.

Good nutrition is essential for all ages, but for the elderly, a well-balanced diet can help manage bone health, blood pressure, and other health risks. It can also help improve mood and energy levels and is essential for rapid recovery post-surgery or after a fall. Meeting personal care needs is also the first step for an individual to feel seen and independent once more.

2. In-Home Care

Private duty nursing allows individuals to stay at home without losing out on adequate medical care. Moving to a nursing facility or hospital can be extremely distressing, especially if an individual is experiencing many health challenges.

In-home care allows them to remain in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Studies have found it benefits the elderly in different ways, including:

  • Maintaining a sense of independence
  • Promoting well-being and recovery
  • Higher life satisfaction
  • Keeps families close
  • Adds comfort
  • Maintains a sense of dignity
  • 1:1 support

There is no relocation distress or separation from pets or family with in-home care. It means an individual can focus on their well-being without added distress. After all, the home is familiar and holds many memories, so it is perfect if an individual can receive care here, either as part of recovery or as a long-term nursing solution.

3. Medical Care

One of the top benefits of private duty nursing is that medical needs can be met without a hospital setting. Private duty nurses are skilled registered nurses who can provide the medical care an elderly patient needs for an arranged period.

Medical care may involve medication reminders or medication administration. However, it can also include other types of medical assistance, such as wound care assistance, catheter changing, skin management, and physical health monitoring. They will also help manage medical equipment and ensure it is functioning correctly for the patient.

Private duty nursing also involves note-taking and other services similar to hospital care. But it is on a 1:1 basis, so the medical care is often superior and more comfortable for the patient. Individual medical monitoring means steps can be taken to prevent risks before they happen, such as falls.

4. 24/7 Support and Companionship

In-home care does not mean less care. Private duty nursing offers different care levels, which can involve 24/7 support for a selected period of time if a patient needs it. A day and night nurse can be available to ensure the patient stays safe, with all medical needs met.

The 1:1 support for consistent and set times often gives elderly patients the companionship they need. Companionship promotes better mental well-being, improved physical health, daily routine, and a sense of self-worth.

Often, elderly patients feel isolated or do not have the mobility support to get out frequently. Private duty nursing can give them the confidence and skills to engage with their community once more.

High staff turnovers can be confusing for patients in hospitals and nursing facilities. Private duty nursing provides one or a small team of nurses who can build a relationship with the client.

5. Adaptable and Individual Plans

Private duty care provides a personal care plan for the client, specifically targeting their needs. There is no generic care plan as the focus is on the individual, not a group of patients. Thie care plan can also be adaptable if needs change, for example, if a client needs post-surgery care or wants to step down support at some point.

The flexibility of private duty nursing also improves the quality of care. There is no worry about downtime between finding different care providers or transitioning an individual between specialist units.

Sometimes, an individual only needs care for a set time, such as post-surgery or respite. However, admitting them to a nursing facility or keeping them in a hospital can worsen their health and remove their independence.

A care provider will adapt the private duty nursing care plan, so the individual maintains their sense of independence and dignity while also receiving the care they need.

Flexible and individual care plans also mean private duty nursing can be one of the most cost-effective care options. You are only receiving the quality care you need and can step it up or down as required.

Reap the Benefits of Private Duty Nursing

There are many benefits of private duty nursing for the elderly. However, these top five benefits give you an idea of how private duty nursing can help you or a loved one.

Do not worry about moving or loss of independence. Instead, receive superior care in familiar surroundings, with expert help.

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