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Watching a loved one age in a hospital or a nursing home can be tough. They may not want to be somewhere away from home.

In fact, 71% of people say that they do not want to live in a nursing home in the future. If you are one of those people, you most definitely don’t want to put your loved ones in a nursing home.

That’s when private duty nursing in Sarasota can help! Now you may be asking, “what is private duty nursing?”

Private duty nursing is when a nurse comes into your home or into your loved ones’ home to take care of them. It is more than just home care, as there is a registered nurse (RN) or critical care nurse that is on the job.

Keep reading to learn why you should choose to use a private duty nurse as your in-home care option.

1. Help With Personal Care

A nurse who is part of private duty nursing agencies is more than just someone who is at the house to care for the medical needs of the patient. Instead, they are there to do everything from helping them get dressed to bathing, and cleaning up any messes to helping them around the house.

2. Your Loved One Gets In-Home Care

Since most people do not want to go somewhere else for care, having in-home care come to the place where they feel most comfortable is vital.

A private duty nurse will ensure the comfort and safety of your loved one at home. Instead of the fear of elderly neglect or abuse at an assisted living center or nursing home, you know that your private duty nurse will be there at all times to ensure the health and safety of the patient.

Not only can you ensure that, but your loved one will also be much happier at home – and they will thank you that they were not taken out of their home to get proper care. This may even improve their mental health during this time of care.

3. Get Medication Reminders

Many older people take medications on a daily basis. They may even take medications two to three times per day.

And we all know that as people get older, it can be harder for them to remember certain things. They may forget that they left the oven on, forget to flush the toilet, or may even forget to take medication that is saving their life.

A private duty nurse will give medication reminders so that the medication is never forgotten.

If they are on medication that requires an IV or an injection, the private duty nurse can also help with that.

4. Post-Surgery Care

While your loved one may not be elderly, they may have just fallen and broken a hip on accident, even if they are only 60 years old!

If that’s the case, having someone go into their home for post-surgery care can give you the peace of mind you need to continue with your life. If you are working constantly, it can be difficult to do that work while also caring for your loved one.

A private duty nurse can help your loved one move around, reposition during recovery, administer medications, and more so that you have peace of mind and don’t feel guilty for not being there for them!

5. A Private Duty Nurse Knows Proper Medical Care

Not all in-home care services know the proper medical techniques or needs for individuals. A private duty nurse does.

This means that all medical needs of your loved one can be met in the comfort of the home without being in a hospital or similar setting.

Medical care may include:

  • Medication administration or reminders
  • Wound care
  • Catheter changing
  • Skin management
  • Health monitoring
  • Health equipment management

Having someone there at all times for one-on-one care ensures the proper care of your loved one. Since you can usually make the choice of whether you want a private duty nurse at your home 24/7 or just during the day, you will know when someone is with your loved one.

6. Individual Care Plans

Every single elderly adult is different. This means the reason they have a private duty nurse is different, their medications are different, and how they react to certain situations is different.

Because of this, everyone needs an individual care plan. While not everyone gets that with in-home care services or at a nursing home or even a hospital, a private duty nursing agency can ensure that your loved one has the exact care they need.

From personal needs to the amount of time spent with them to medical needs to psychological needs and everything in-between, a private duty nurse can adapt to the needs of the patient.

This ensures that you feel peace of mind for your loved one, and your loved one feels safe and taken care of.

Private Duty Nursing in Sarasota

Do you have a loved one in Sarasota that is getting older? There may have been discussions about what to do when they need help and cannot be on their own anymore.

If you don’t want to put them into a nursing home, but want more services than just in-home care services, hiring a private duty nurse in Sarasota may be the best option for you and your loved one!

We want the best for you and your loved one, so don’t hesitate to reach out sooner versus later! We’re here to help!