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Millions of people are on track to retire at a pace of about 10,000 per day over the next decade. Many are considering where and how they want to live post-retirement. Some plan on eventually moving into assisted-living facilities or retirement communities.

Yet, up to 90 percent see aging in place as the preferable option. Even with the benefits of aging in place, there are challenges. For seniors living in Venice, FL, and elsewhere, there are still concerns over declining mobility or managing medication.

That’s where senior home care in Venice, FL enters the picture. Keep reading to discover seven benefits of senior home care.

1. Maintaining Independence

For most people, a sense of independence is a critical element in their sense of self-worth and even their identity. As we age, though, we can start to lose the things that allow for a sense of independence.

For example, if your eyesight gets bad enough, you can no longer drive. That can leave you dependent on friends, family members, and neighbors to run basic errands like grocery shopping or to get to important appointments, such as a visit to your doctor’s office.

Loses in mobility can have much the same effect. Many senior care agencies bake in things like transportation for errands as part of their services.

Before you sign up for a service, you’ll want to do an online search. Search terms like “home health care agencies near me” or “senior care near me” should generate a list of local service providers.

Call them up and ask if they provide transportation for errands and appointments.

2. Mental Health

A positive mental attitude goes a long way toward supporting well-being and overall mental health. Staying in your home can do a lot to keep you feeling upbeat and secure. That positive mental attitude can also help you heal faster after surgical procedures.

Staying in your own home also lets you maintain social connections with friends and neighbors. Loneliness can trigger depression and hasten a decline in cognitive ability.

Socializing, on the other hand, can boost your memory and help keep your cognitive skills sharp.

3. Medication Monitoring

Aging adults often face an ever-increasing number of medications they must take to support their health. To make things even more challenging, each medication will typically come with its own schedule.

You may take one medication once a day, a second medication three times daily, and a third twice a day. It’s easy to lose track, even with pill organizers on hand. After all, you must remember to fill the pill container.

Home health care providers can help you by reminding you about taking your medications on schedule and filling pill organizers.

In rarer cases, you may also need someone to administer medication. For that, you’ll need to search for something like “private duty nursing near me” to find an at home caregiver who can administer medications.

4. Give Family a Break

Family members often take on a significant load of responsibility for senior care. It can prove a laundry list of daily tasks from which there is no apparent end in sight. It’s often a stressful situation for everyone involved.

Adult children often feel overburdened or that they’re shortchanging their own spouse and children. Aging adults often feel that they are a burden on their adult children.

Senior care services can give everyone a break. Adult kids can, for example, take a weekend or two off each month. Aging adults get the assistance they need without feeling like they’re asking too much from their adult children.

At the same time, it does let your family stay involved with the care. Adult children can keep an eye on things without making it a second full-time job.

5. Less Expensive

Senior living facilities can look great on paper, but they cost a lot. Staying in your own home, especially if it’s paid off, and using at home care can end up saving you a lot when compared with care homes.

This is particularly true if you don’t need full-time assistance. If you only need help a few days a week, the cost savings can prove tremendous.

The reduced costs can also make it more practical for adult children to help contribute, if necessary.

6. Companionship

Many aging adults face increasing isolation over time. Family members may move away for new jobs. Friends may move away to senior communities or care facilities.

Beyond that, the odds of friends dying becomes more and more likely as you grow older. Companionship of any kind can end up more and more difficult to find.

Some seniors help fill that vacant spot in their life with pets, but many senior care facilities don’t allow pets. At home care provides you with reliable companionship. As an added bonus, staying in your own home helps ensure you can keep your pets.

7. Personalization

Going to a senior care facility or assisted living community means adapting to the schedule they set. At home senior care means that the service adapts to how you do things. If you always sleep in until 10 am, you probably don’t want a care professional showing up at 8 am every single day.

You can also dial in the level and type of care you need with at home services. If you only need assistance a few hours a day, that’s all you get. If you need daily assistance in your Venice, FL, home, you’ll get that instead.

Senior Home Care in Venice, FL

There are many benefits to getting senior home care in Venice, FL. You can maintain some independence and still give your family a break from helping. You can get assistance with taking your medications on schedule.

You’ll get services personalized to your needs and routines. Plus, you’ll see the mental health benefits of companionship and staying in your own home. At home care is often a less expensive option than senior communities or assisted living facilities.

Alternative Homemaking with a Heart specializes in at home senior care in Venice, FL. For more information about our services, contact us today.