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There comes a time in many seniors’ lives that they’re no longer capable of living completely independently. However, many seniors aren’t yet willing to leave their treasured homes behind in favor of a residential senior center or retirement home. They want to maintain their independence.

But how can they do that safely?

This is where in-home care services for seniors can help. Senior care professionals will help your senior loved one stay safe and independent in their own home.

We’re here to talk about a few signs that it’s time to hire an elderly care professional for your loved one. Read on to learn more.

1. They’ve Experienced a Significant Fall

This is one of the top reasons that people choose to get home care services for seniors, but it’s usually not the first sign that something is amiss.

Over one in four seniors report a fall every year. These falls can be serious and sometimes fatal. While a fall isn’t a sure sign that a senior needs someone to care for them at home, it is a sign that they aren’t as safe as they once were.

If your loved one isn’t ready to move into a professional senior care facility or move in with family, it’s a good idea to hire a home health care provider to help.

2. Weight Changes

It’s possible for senior adults to struggle with their weight and nutrition when they’re living alone. If you’ve noticed that your loved one is gaining or losing significant weight, it might be time to consider in-home care services for seniors.

There are several reasons that your loved one may struggle with their weight. They may have a new disinterest in food (which is a sign of health problems), they may feel too tired to shop for groceries or cook healthy meals, they may be forgetting meals altogether, or they may be dealing with stomach issues.

Regardless, having a professional in their home will help.

3. Increased Forgetfulness

It’s normal for people to experience occasional brain fog or mild cognitive decline as they age, but if it’s becoming problematic, it’s time to hire a home health aide.

Forgetfulness might not seem serious, but it can lead to serious problems. For example, if your loved one is missing doctor’s appointments or forgetting to take their medications, this could lead to a further decline in their health.

Forgetfulness can also lead to wandering. When someone lives alone, even a brief walk down the street can turn into them getting lost if they’re struggling with cognitive decline.

Forgetfulness is also an early sign of dementia, even if it’s still mild or moderate. People living with dementia will always need more help around the house even if they’re not yet ready to go to a residential care center.

4. Poor Personal Hygiene

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one isn’t taking good care of himself? Mild poor personal hygiene isn’t a large cause for concern (like skipping the occasional shower or not brushing their hair), but if your loved one is frequently looking unkempt, it’s a sign that they may need some extra help around the house.

There are several reasons that this may happen. It could be the result of forgetfulness, fatigue, or even poor mental health. Someone who doesn’t feel happy about herself will be less likely to take care of their personal hygiene.

Having poor personal hygiene could cause your loved one to start missing social engagements, which is bad for their mental health. It can also lead to physical health problems such as cavities, sores, and infections.

A home care aide can help. They’ll make sure that your loved one stays clean and happy.

5. Emotional or Behavioral Changes

Occasional mood swings are normal for people of all ages. If you’re noticing significant mood or behavior changes in your loved one, however, it might be time to talk to them about getting some in-home help.

Sometimes this just looks like anxiety or depression. If your loved one seems more frantic or sad than normal, it’s a good idea to open up a conversation about their needs. While they may be fine with an occasional visit to a therapist, more significant anxiety and depression may benefit from a home health aide.

People who are in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s experience even more significant mood and behavior changes, and these can be alarming.

They may have complete personality shifts. Someone who was once peppy and kind may be aggressive or blunt. They may experience severe paranoia.

This behavior is frustrating and dangerous for the person who’s displaying it. Having an in-home caregiver will help.

6. Isolation or Withdrawal

Social withdrawal and loneliness can lead to serious health problems for elderly adults. If you’ve noticed that your loved one has been withdrawing from social situations, it’s time to take action.

Again, occasional withdrawal is normal. There’s nothing wrong with your loved one wanting some extra alone time. Significant withdrawal is a sign of larger problems.

It could be the result of extreme paranoia or depression. It may be because your loved one no longer has the energy or ability to visit friends or family members. They may also feel embarrassed about their mental health or hygiene.

Regardless of the reasoning, someone with experience caring for seniors at home can help. They can also provide a comforting listening ear all day long.

7. An Inability to Maintain the Home

Is your loved one’s house looking messier than normal? Sure, the occasional pile of dishes or small mess is nothing to be concerned about, but if the house is looking seriously unkempt, it might be time to enlist help.

A caregiver will be able to help out around the house, but they also might be able to address the underlying issues that led to the problem in the first place.

Do You Need In-Home Care Services for Seniors?

In-home care services for seniors can help your loved one thrive. Whether they’ve been struggling to maintain their hygiene, clean their home, or even socialize with others, having someone caring for them might be the perfect solution.

Your loved one will feel more independent when they have someone who can help them around the house so they don’t have to move to a residential care facility.

If you’re ready to get home health care for your senior loved one, contact us. We can’t wait to meet you.