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Just wanted to give you an update on My Mom and our aide.

From the time that you met My Mom in July, her dementia has severely progressed and is now in the advanced stages. It’s sad and heartbreaking! Me to you…I have NO idea how you do what you do on a daily basis. Please know how truly appreciative I am of the support that you provide to our community for the folks in need of this assistance.

On behalf of My Mom, I just wanted to THANK YOU for ALL of your help in providing an amazing aide for us. Her name is Linda and she is nothing short of fantastic!!! She provides assistance at my home for My Mom on M-F from 9-5 pm.

Does Linda arrive on time – NO…that’s because she’s always early!!!

Linda LOVES to keep busy…she continually does things that are way BEYOND the requirements (in my book). She cleans the floors, she folds laundry, she dusts, she waters the plants (they’ve never looked better), etc. She does ALL of this while paying astute attention to every move that My Mom is making.

Whenever I text Linda during the work day to see how My Mom is doing…she literally responds before I can even put my phone down. No joke!

My Mom fell during the night a few weeks ago. There were no broken bones but she did get a nice little gash on her head. For the next few days after this fall, My Mom wouldn’t stand up or even walk (it was horrible and I had no idea what I was going to do!). On the Friday after My Mom fell, Linda was leaving the house and said “I go to Walmart on Saturday mornings, I can come by to help you get her to the bathroom”. She came to the house on her day off to do this! Who does that? Answer…Linda!

Great news…Linda worked continually with her after the fall to regain her confidence and My Mom is now standing up and walking again!!!

Most importantly, My Mom LOVES and trusts Linda (as I do). She also has a “paws up” from our furry boy (Myles) who is most protective of My Mom (his Grandma). He watches for Linda at the front window every morning and can’t wait for her to arrive.

Not sure if there is any type of formal recognition that can be bestowed upon Linda. If so, please let me know and I’d be happy to submit something on her behalf.

Please, please just give my appreciation to the organization that has provided her to us…she is simply THE BEST!