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A not surprising 87% of seniors say they want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. There is comfort in the familiar, especially as we age.

The only way to make that happen is often by providing some extra help for aging loved ones.

Help can come from someone who helps with personal care or chores around the house.

Sarasota home health care aides are often just what’s needed to help your senior parent remain in their home longer.

Are you wondering what services you can get from Sarasota private home health care? Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Sarasota Home Health Care Services

While many seniors hope to stay in their homes, getting home health care helps them do that.

Yet, there are also some tangible benefits involved with bringing in help to care for your aging loved ones.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those benefits.


Likely one of the biggest benefits is the comfort of remaining in their home. Seniors can maintain their routines while in their homes.

They can also use their own bathroom and sleep in their own bed.

There is something important for seniors about maintaining what’s familiar to them. Once they must live in the unfamiliar, it can become quickly confusing.


One significant benefit of a home health care aide is the companionship provided for seniors. Many seniors find themselves living alone and feeling very lonely.

Companionship comes naturally as the senior consistently adjusts to having the home health care worker in their home. The opportunity to have the same person to talk to and share with becomes an invaluable benefit.

Social Opportunities

As seniors age, one side effect is the loss of social interaction. Having a home health care aide provides that important companionship and allows for the opportunity to get to social events.

A home health care aide can provide the opportunities to go to coffee with friends, go to church, or meet friends and family for lunch, while still providing the seniors the support they need.

Extended Independence

Few things can feel more demeaning to a senior than losing all sense of independence.

While they may need some help with certain things, hiring a home health care allows them to maintain a certain sense of independence because they are living in their own home.

The home health aide can monitor what they’re able to do independently while still offering support when it’s needed.

One-on-One Oversight

The nature of home health care means that the senior is getting the attention of the worker there to care for them. Many seniors covet attention and benefit from it, too.

At the same time, the home health care worker can provide a certain level of security in knowing the senior and the overall well-being are being monitored regularly.

Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

No matter how close or far away you live from your senior, it’s impossible always to be there. Naturally, you will worry because providing the needed care is so difficult.

A home health care aide provides much respite from worry about a beloved senior. Knowing your loved one is getting the necessary care can provide great peace of mind.


Many seniors get needed companionship from pets who’ve been a part of their lives for many years.

The ability to stay in their own home also allows them to keep that important pet relationship in place.

Services Provided by Sarasota Home Health Care Aides

While the list of benefits is long and worthy, the services a home health care aide can provide are also invaluable. Let’s take a closer look at the services offered.

Personal Care

Often one of the first signs a senior needs some assistance is that they show signs of struggling with their own personal care. Personal care is an important activity of daily living and often a benchmark if a senior needs support.

Personal care can be anything from bathing, dental care, shaving, and hair combing to using the bathroom and skin care.


If a senior is struggling to care for themselves, they are likely also going to struggle with running the vacuum or bending to clean a bathroom.

A home health care aide can provide necessary housekeeping support to the senior. Then the aide can fill in as needed and warranted. Of course, seniors are encouraged to do what they can accomplish independently.

Meal Preparation and Planning

Good nutrition is an important element in keeping a senior healthy. Many seniors will struggle with preparing meals themselves or even planning meals.

It can be tricky to cook for a single person. A home health aide can provide meal planning and preparation support as needed.


One of the first things a senior loses the ability to do safely is drive themselves places. Not having access to transportation can be a significant detriment for a senior.

A home health care aide can provide transportation to doctors’ appointments, social engagements, and shopping for the senior.

Medication Monitoring

With age often comes more medication. With age often also comes a certain level of forgetfulness.

A home health aide can monitor that medication is being taken and provide essential reminders for taking medication.

Let Sarasota Home Health Care Agencies Help You Care for Your Senior

Sarasota home health care aides can provide a plethora of benefits and services that will allow your senior loved one to stay in their home and maintain a level of independence that’s so important for seniors as they age.

Before randomly searching for home health care near me, we can help provide the services your senior needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our home health care aides can help your loved one.