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According to statistics, 80% of Americans do not get enough exercise.

Staying active is important for everybody no matter their age, however, it’s particularly critical for senior wellness.

Not only does exercise help with general mobility, but it can also maintain healthy weight levels and muscle mass, slow bone loss, and ward off the early onset of chronic disease. Coining the phrase “exercise as medicine,” researchers have revealed that regular exercise for seniors can help prevent heart disease.

Are you not getting enough exercise as a senior? Or maybe you have a loved one and you’re trying to figure out how exercise can fit into their senior care program?

Keep reading for some of the top tips seniors can use to stay healthy and active.

Pick Exercise Activities That Are Fun

Studies have shown that regular exercise can be pivotal in improving mental health levels and warding off symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress for seniors.

However, if you’re not in the habit of exercising, or you aren’t feeling particularly energetic and motivated, taking the initiative to get moving can be challenging.

One of the best ways to beat this barrier is by picking exercise activities that are fun and enjoyable for you.

For instance, if you love music or dancing, Zumba classes might be the perfect thing to get you moving. Alternatively, if you enjoy sports and games, you could look into taking up something like golf, bowls, tennis, or walking soccer.

Tai chi, yoga, and swimming are some more enjoyable options to try.

Exercise at the Right Time of Day

Another top tip for getting active, and taking long-term care of your body through exercise, is picking a time slot that works for you.

When we think of fitness routines, the first thing that often comes to mind is waking up at 5 a.m. and getting those arm weights out. For working adults, this might be the only time of day that you can exercise.

But for a retired senior, this could be the time of day that you least want to exercise. Getting up while it’s cold and dark to do something you don’t feel like, is not a recipe for success. Chances are you going to hit snooze on your alarm clock and skip the workout you planned in so diligently.

Instead, pick a time of day where you have decent levels of energy and motivation. For a lot of seniors, this might be somewhere between breakfast and lunch.

Find an Exercise Partner

If you’re having trouble sticking to an exercise routine, another great hack is to find an exercise partner. Having an exercise buddy, such as someone to meet up for walks with, forces you to make a commitment.

It can also make exercising more fun and provide companionship, which is also an important part of senior wellness.

Don’t have someone to exercise with? If you’re also in need of professional home care, your home health care attendant could be the perfect person to join you on activities like walks.

Here at Alternative Homemaking With A Heart, our professional home care aides can assist with anything you need, from simple companionship to meal prepping, cleaning, and transport.

Join a Fitness Class

Another great way to stay motivated and connect with others while exercising is to join a fitness class. You can do this either online or in person.

Like having an exercise partner, joining a fitness class forces you to commit. Classes like pilates also ensure that you are exercising all the crucial muscle groups, and allows you to build your fitness levels with the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Exercise Is an Important Factor in Senior Wellness

From warding off chronic disease to improving mental health levels and more, exercise can be a huge contributing factor to senior wellness.

Are you or a loved one in need of senior care? Whether it’s for assistance with exercising, doing household chores, or providing personal care, our in-home care agency can help.

We offer both long-term care and on-demand care. Contact us today to discuss your needs.