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There are 53 million American offering unpaid care for seniors. However, it might be better to hire a professional caregiver through an agency.

But why is hiring them through an in-home care agency better than hiring a standard caregiver?

Keep reading to discover all the risks that could come with hiring an independent caregiver.


You never know what type of training the independent caregiver will have. But with an agency, they’ll have a standard of training that ensures that they’ll be able to take care of your loved one.

For example, if your senior is in a wheelchair, you’ll want to hire someone who knows how to take care of people with this type of situation.


When you hire through an agency, they’ll have insurance to protect you and themselves if anything goes wrong.

For example, if there is any fraud, theft, or abuse, their insurance will likely handle the problem. If you hired an independent caregiver, they may not be able to pay you back, and you may even be liable for problems that go wrong.


Speaking of problems, what do you do when your personal caregiver misses a shift, arrives late, or can’t provide the best care? There won’t be any agency to reprimand them or send a replacement. You’ll have to start looking for a new caregiver.

But when you hire a good agency, they’ll take all that responsibility. They will hire, screen, recruit, train, and supervise workers. They will even come to your home and supervise to ensure that their staff is doing the best job possible.


Plan of care and scheduling is also important. Managing a privately hired caregiver can be very stressful.

For example, you’ll need to show them what their responsibilities are. You’ll have to give them feedback. You’ll have to find someone else when they call in sick or can’t get to your house.

You will also be responsible if they quit without notice, don’t show up for their shift, or ask for a schedule change. Hiring an agency will manage all of that for you.


One of the biggest risks with hiring a private caregiver is financial. If you’re using Medicaid, there are spend-down requirements.

This means that some people will try and pay an independent caregiver under the table or make it look like the money was given as a gift. However, if you’re caught, it can cause a penalty for your Medicaid, or your senior could even lose funding for their care.

It’s better to go through the right channels and hire a reputable agency that you know you can trust with your finances.

Discover More Risks of Not Hiring a Professional Caregiver

These are only a few risks of hiring an independent caregiver rather than a professional caregiver, but there are many more.

It can be hard finding someone you trust for senior care, but you’ve come to the right place.

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