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In America, more than 15 million patients rely on home health care to make their lives easier. The vital work provided by a home health care aide allows those who need extra help to live a dignified and supported life.

A Sarasota home health care aide will provide plenty of services needed by patients. This can include help with dressing, personal care, and driving to medical appointments or other locations.

To learn more about the type of services offered by a home health care aide in Sarasota, read the list below.

Everyday Household Tasks and Chores

Household tasks and chores are an area many people who rely on home health care struggle with. Keeping a tidy home is important not only for health but for feelings of self-worth too.

A home health care aide will be happy to assist in all household tasks you request of them. This can include vacuuming and mopping, washing clothes and ensuring they’re dry, and even cooking where it is needed.

Having someone available to offer this support gives many family members peace of mind. They’ll know that the person being looked after is well taken care of and has everything they need to keep their life safe and organized.


For those with physical or mental impairments, getting around conveniently can be tough. Having their own vehicle might not be possible, and public transport is often not equipped to handle their needs.

That’s why Sarasota home health care aides offer transportation for any of their patients who require it. You can decide if this is a service you’d like to avail of when you discuss the type of care you want.

Home health care transport options cover a range of locations. This could include driving to a medical appointment, grocery stores, or even attending family gatherings like birthdays. Whatever your specific needs, a home health care aide can help out.

You’ll also decide if you’d like transport options to be readily available at all times, or just occasionally as you require them. For those who live in more rural locations and rely on a home health care aide, having transport available at all times is convenient.

Dementia Care

Dealing with dementia care is a strain for any family member. Watching a loved one forget themselves and the life around them is emotionally taxing and hurts relationships.

That’s why a home health care aide will offer you relief from this task. Sarasota home health care aides have a high level of training that makes taking care of dementia patients much more manageable.

Aides will be able to keep patients calm. The person in your life suffering from dementia will be treated with the respect and care that you’d give them yourself.

Personal Care

Personal care is often a sensitive subject for both the person who needs it and the loved ones who look after them. It is, as the name suggests, personal, and finding a way to handle it with care and respect can be tough on family members.

That’s why it’s a good idea to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Those working in care are trained to deal with personal care matters with kindness and sensitivity. They will never make a vulnerable person feel nervous or ashamed and will consider it a normal part of their working day.

Personal care encompasses a range of different needs. For some, it is help dressing or everyday tasks like brushing teeth or combing hair. It can extend to showering and personal hygiene needs where it is required.

If a person needs help going to the bathroom, a home health care aide will be happy to help. This is an area where many patients feel embarrassed, but there is no need to. It is a standard part of a carer’s day and they will make the patient feel more than comfortable in this position.


Requiring a higher level of care makes anyone feel isolated from the outside world. It becomes more difficult to see friends or family, and loneliness is often reported in those who aren’t able to fully look after themselves.

That’s why part of a home health care aide’s role is to offer companionship. Some patients simply want to know a person will be in their house at least once a day to share a hot drink and a chat.

This is a relief to relatives who may live too far away to check on the patient every day. It also means that someone will be in the patient’s home every day to check if they are safe and well.

Offering a Break for Family Carers

Regardless of who needs care in your life, getting a break from offering help is important for everyone. This is especially true if you haven’t been professionally trained to be a carer and are just trying to do your best.

A home health care aide can offer respite to anyone currently undertaking a care position. Whether you just want a break for one day a week or need a longer-term carer to allow you to go on vacation, there is a home health care aide available for your needs.

A Sarasota Home Health Care Aide is There to Make Your Life Easier

A home health care aide wants to make a patient’s life better and safer. They also want to offer family carers a break when they need it. That’s why paying for an affordable care service is worth it.

You’ll have the reassurance that the patient who needs care is in trained and safe hands. Home health care aides know how to react in emergencies and keep a patient safe from harm.

If you would like to learn more about Sarasota home health care aides and the services they offer, check out this webpage. You will find a range of services to suit your needs. You should also contact the dedicated support team if you need more information or advice on finding the perfect home health care aide for your loved one’s needs.